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"bringing buyers and sellers of commercial art together," Creative Access promotion finds a better-faster way @ BigRoster.com and companion inDex™

Founded in 1982, Creative Access Corp. has earned a solid sales support reputation for integrity and accuracy of its well researched, qualified data base information, reaching Advertising Agencies, Publishers, Corporate America, Design Firms and Broadcast Communities. It has consistently spotted advanced trends and identified areas of concern among various industry segments.

Now, Creative Access has found the answer to another major industry concern "how to stay up-to-date in the fast paced internet world on the availability, talents, whereabouts and recent work of creative-service suppliers all over the world".

The company's founder, has developed an innovative integrated approach that merges the powers of on-line technology and direct-mail promotion. With the introduction of BigRoster.com and inDex™.

The alliance of pinpoint targeting through cooperative direct mail and on-line media provide increased visibility that brings together buyers and sellers of commercial art. It gives you the power to keep pace with today's fast-moving markets.

An encyclopedic resource for Buyers and Talent the BigRoster.com is free, easy, searchable, comprehensive media artist talent locating service, listing artists in various fields that fulfills buyers commercial art assignment needs.

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Founded in 1982, Creative Access is a database marketing, research and sales support company offering the most comprehensive and accurate database on the creative, production, design and related advertising and marketing fields.

Creative Access emerged as a forerunner in the creative industry by providing targeted, accurate information about this highly influential group. Providing sales support for companies, offering clients marketing intelligence on the creative industries, supplying information to the paper, publishers, printing, stock image industry, advertising agencies and many other businesses.

The company's founder, John S. Butsch has developed an innovative integrated approach that merges the powers of on-line and direct mail. With the introduction of BigRoster.com and companion inDex, this approach meets commercial art buyers' needs in the fast-paced Internet world as they seek talent for a variety of assignments. We know from our long experience with the creative art buying community that while many buyers find Internet databases quick and easy to use, many get great satisfaction from a tangible product that they can hold, feel its texture and focus on a printed representation of an artists work. Creative Access has married both media.


Never before has it been so easy for an ad agency in Boston to find a photographer in Houston, for a TV commercial producer in Los Angeles to select a designer in Chicago, for a magazine editor in New York to find an illustrator in St. Louis.

This interactive website provides the creative buying community with free, easy, fast, searchable, comprehensive listings of media artists in various fields who are seeking commercial assignments. Buyers can search by selecting criteria that meets their needs instantly giving them information and visuals of the artist's work.

This on-line creative-talent directory, BigRoster.com, simplifies tasks for buyers at media and ad agencies seeking "the right Photographer, illustrator or media artist. the companion off-line inDex gives data in a handy card format.


Introducing Creative Access' commercial talent inDex. The talent-laden inDex delivers the unique creative vision of accomplished commercial talent and is distributed to selected buyers in the Marketing and communications industry. Each month a different group of accomplished artists is mailed in a handy 4x6 uniquely styled card format to specific buyers at ad agencies, publications, broadcasting, film production companies, photo agencies, design firms, corporations and other media of every kind using the industry's most respected, accurately researched database. Smartly packaged and indexed according to the talents specialty and style.

The talent data decks become inDex™
The monthly mailed cards create a personalized tabbed desktop ‘inDex™ File Box’ for quick, easy off-line reference for buyers.

National circulation of 10,000 is distributed to agency, corporate and the design communities. Regional & local circulation starts at 2,500 distribution, is market-specific and addresses the uniqueness of that market. Specialty-Market circulation also starts at 2,500 and is nationally distributed.


See this month's exciting new selection of media artists' work and visit BigRoster's inDex™Gallery.

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employment opportunities keep growing @Creative Access with BigRoster.com and InDex We are always looking for good creative self starting individuals with experience in the marketing and communications industry. And, if you have any account executive, sales support, customer service, research or telemarketing experiences please send us your resume.

We would be pleased to receive your resume: contact us or faxing : 773.871.9464   Attention: Mark Wallace.

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