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Creative Access has been working with and listening to art buyers needs since 1982, as we maintain the accuracy of our marketing and communication's database. The result of listening to you the buyer is a free, easy, searchable, comprehensive media artist talent locating service, listing artists in various fields that fulfills your commercial art assignment needs.

The BigRoster™ website converges off-line data to qualified on-line information of accomplished artists. Simplifying the task of seeking 'the right' photographer, illustrator or other media artist. The site allows you, the buyer to search for artists by explicit criteria that include over 30 specialties, media, geographic location, type of talent, major awards, thumb-nail image galleries and many listings have URL hot links to individual artists portfolios sites.

search options:

There are two ways to search the BigRoster, by the 'quick search' right on the home page, it's easy and convenient for a fast uncomplicated search by talent, location and speciality. And, by the 'detailed search' allows you to exactly pinpoint the specific needs of your commercial art assignment an additional 12 selected criteria relating to a specific job. Talent profile information is instantly downloaded to your screen, customizing the search, pinpointing the results to meet your requisition.

inDex™ Gallery:

Preview each month on-line in the inDex™Gallery, the new and exciting off-line talent-laden inDex™, that delivers the unique creative vision of accomplished commercial talent. Each month a different group of accomplished artists is mailed in a handy 4x6 uniquely styled card format, smartly packaged and indexed according to the talents' specialty. You get to see it first, on-line in the inDexGallery.

the talent data decks become inDex™:

The monthly mailed cards create a personalized tabbed desktop 'inDex™ File Box' for quick, easy off-line reference for buyers. Some of the categories and market segments include specialties in food & beverage, beauty and fashion, travel & leisure, health and stock images. With segmented markets for agencies, corporate, design and publishing.

The unique tabbed desktop file box holds the mailed inDex™ cards and is furnished free to creative-services buyers by contacting us @ Creative Access.

See this month's exciting new selection of media artists work and visit BigRoster's inDex™Gallery.

contact us:

Contact us and gives us your feed back. Allow us to answer any questions by calling:
Creative Access  1.800.4.Access (422.2377)


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